Proposed Solution

A mobile app that connects wedding service professionals with people looking to organize their private events.

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“How might we” statement

How might we help clients and wedding service professionals colaborate online easily and effectively?

Onboarding Flow

Client Flow

Vendor Flow

Project Process

Problem Statement - The genesis of the problem statement stemmed from my firsthand experience as a wedding video-grapher.

Observation - I successfully conducted user interviews with approximately 8 participants over a span of 4 weeks, comprising 4 wedding service professionals and 4 potential clients. Throughout these interviews, I diligently observed their behaviors, derived insights, and gathered findings. Subsequently, I synthesized these observations to arrive at a conclusive analysis.

Prototyping - I have created both low-fidelity and high-fidelity visuals and prototypes.

Evaluation - Lastly, I conducted A/B tests and evaluated their outcomes using various metrics to measure success.

Project Overview

Weddtime is a mobile app designed to connect wedding service professionals and individuals planning their private events.

Addressing numerous challenges in this domain was imperative. Therefore, a thorough analysis of market competitors became essential. Despite the presence of several established Romanian websites and mobile apps, it was crucial to distinguish Weddtime from these existing platforms.

Many of these platforms failed to provide a comprehensive experience for both types of users - wedding service professionals and clients organizing their events. Recognizing this gap presented an opportunity for improvement.

To gain insights into user sentiments and behaviors, I conducted targeted user interviews prior to conceptualizing the Weddtime app.

Using the interview findings, I developed a low-fidelity prototype. Subsequently, I observed user interactions with this prototype to draw conclusions before advancing to the development of a high-fidelity prototype.

Upon completion of the high-fidelity prototype, I categorized users into two groups: clients and vendors, and solicited their feedback through prototype interaction.

Based on “Participative observation” method, I closely observed user behaviors and emotions, translating these observations into an emotion-time graph.

The problem

Wedding service professionals and individuals seeking to organize private events often face challenges in connecting with one another to fulfill their respective needs.

The Solution

Weddtime is a mobile application that connects wedding service professionals and individuals seeking to organize private events.

Project Details



Personal Project - 2 months

Sept 2021 - Nov 2021

User Experience

User Interface

Visual Design


Some challenges → (1) Difficulty in recruiting suitable participants led us to conduct interviews with two
distinct user categories: a. VENDORS - professionals in wedding services, and b. CLIENTS - individuals seeking
to organize their private events or those of their relatives.


Improvements → (1) Conducting additional interviews is necessary to gain a deeper understanding of the workflow processes from both VENDORS and CLIENTS perspectives. (2) Need to have more usability testing
for UIs. (3) Continuously refining the prototype based on ongoing interactions with both clients and vendors is imperative.

After guiding you through the thought process and various ideation phases, here is the prototype I've developed. This prototype effectively showcases the user flows of the application for both the client and the vendor. In essence, this application connects wedding service professionals and individuals seeking to organize their private events. Feel free to explore the prototype and and share your thoughts on the app!



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Body typeface: Catamaran







My application uses Cataraman as the primary typography. Cataraman is an open-source font, available for free on Google Fonts.

It is a versatile sans-serif, suitable for both long-form text and headlines. It is a versatile sans-serif font, well-suited for both
long-form text and headlines. With a wide range of font weights, spanning from Black to Thin, within its font family, Catamaran provides ample flexibility for designers to manipulate contrast
and establish hierarchy effectively.

Branding Colour

I used Blush color (love, kindness, romance) for coloring the heart symbol and Indigo for text. Blush color takes all the passion and energy of red and tempers it with the purity of white, leaving us with the color of tenderness and affection. If you’re trying to locate this color on the color wheel – you can find it somewhere between magenta, reds, and rose pinks.

Indigo is a deep midnight blue. It is a combination of deep blue and violet and has the attributes of both colors. Indigo usually represents our deepest thoughts and spiritual wisdom. Indigo
blue helps with communication, meditation and peace.

Some Qualities Represented by the Color Indigo.

Intuition: use it to help access intuitive skills: it is the first step towards greater spiritual knowledge.

Integrity and sincerity: these are profound qualities of the color indigo.

Structure and order: a good color to use in

aspects of restructuring your life or business.

Where did I get my inspiration from?

As an event videographer, I am constantly collaborate with both wedding service professionals and individuals seeking to organize their private events.


Informed by my research, I have created two personas: Luisa Fernandez and Cristian Savulescu, who represent two different categories of the main users, their needs, frustrations and goals.

Problem statement

Problem statement

Cristian is an event photographer who needs to meet up with potential clients & other private events professionals because due to COVID-19 outbreak people interaction is limited.

Louisa is a Spanish teacher who needs to organize her wedding event easily & effectively because she cannot find wedding suppliers that are willing to meet online together with her fiancé.



Social Media

Online Shopping


Get in touch online with more customers efficiently

Promote his online business and easily reach new customers

He wants to get in touch with other private events professionals who can colaborate with

Pain points

Cristian is struggling to find people looking to organize their private event who are searching for his services. He finds difficult to colaborate with wedding planners and other private events professionals because Government restrictions makes difficult people interaction.




Event Photographer


Bucharest, Romania


Married. 2 children

Cristian Savulescu


Cristian is living in Bucharest with his wife, Raluca, and their two children. With seven years of experience as a private event photographer, he has encountered challenges since the COVID-19 outbreak. Connecting with potential clients has become arduous, and collaborating with wedding planners and other wedding service professionals is hindered by govern-ment restrictions, which limit in-person interactions."

“It is crucial for me to easily find and collaborate with clients.”



Social Media

Online Shopping


Finds a solution that involves Radu in the wedding planning process.

Organizes her wedding efficiently and effectively.

Pain points

Luisa is facing challenges in finding wedding suppliers willing to meet online with her fiancé. The lack of synchronization between them is making it difficult to efficiently and cost-effectively secure the best wedding services they require on time. Language barriers are also hindering their ability to plan a traditional Romanian wedding.

Luiza Fernandes


Luisa, born in Bogotá, Colombia, serves as a Spanish teacher at a prestigious university in Bucharest. She is engaged to Radu, a Romanian architect with a demanding job that involves frequent travel. While endeavoring to plan their wedding, Luisa faces challenges due to the mismatched schedules with her fiancé and language barriers, making it difficult to communicate with Romanian wedding suppliers.

“It is very important for

me to find and colaborate easyly with clients”

“It is crucial for me to organize a traditional Romanian wedding with ease.”




Spanish Teacher


Bucharest, Romania


Engaged. No children

* This information will be contextual to the hypothesized users and relevant to the value proposition.

Participative Observation

I conducted semi-structured interviews supplemented with a hands-on activity. During these sessions, I provided interviewees with the opportunity to rate their experience with the application on a scale of 1 to 10, and subsequently translated the results into graphical representations.

When I interviewed the clients category, I asked them to recount their experiences they had in the process of finding service providers for private events. This allowed me to do more research, attracting more perspectives and behaviors.

Similarly, when interviewing private event suppliers, I encouraged them to share their experiences in connecting with potential clients and industry professionals for collaboration. This methodology also enriched the research by capturing diverse viewpoints and behaviors.

In my view, this hands-on activity was an interesting way to start the conversation. Unlike the traditional interview that may come as an abrupt start, this hands-on activity served as a way for users to reflect on their journey.

Interviewees thoughts

"I'm really impressed by this app! Its minimalistic approach is fantastic. I especially love how the text and images are given ample space, allowing them to breathe freely without any sense of overcrowding."

Participant 1

"I would like to see a registration option with Google/Facebook integration." 
Participant 2

"I really appreciate the font choice and the design of the logo.
The website's navigation appears to be quite user-friendly." 

Participant 3

"I would appreciate a validation mark or some form of confirmation once the account has been created." 

Participant 4

Low-fi Prototype

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