HEADER & HERO /the problem & proposed solution.

Navigation restriction.
The user can only access each page by scrolling within the header section.

Inconsistency in page names.
The naming of the pages is not intuitive, causing confusion for the user.

Header design inconsistency.
The dimensions of the elements in the header are not uniform under all conditions, and the spacing between elements and the space around them
is not consistent.

Busy background.
A busy background distracts attention from important content and may have
a significantly negative impact on users with visual impairments.

Overloaded and oversized video cover.
The video cover is oversized and overloaded, overwhelming users.
This affects the balance and proper organization of the page.

Font inconsistency in the hero section.
The font sizes in the hero section title are inconsistent. The title is not easily readable or understandable due to the inappropriate combination of font (Black) and Line Height. This can negatively affect the user's visual experience and make the Hero section appear cluttered or unprofessional. The message it tries to convey may be lost or diminished. This can reduce communication effectiveness and affect the ability to attract and retain the attention of the target audience.

Header fixed and visible on scroll.
Implementing a fixed navigation menu at the top of the page allows the user to quickly access each page without needing to scroll to the header.

Improving page names.
Enhancing the names of the pages for a more intuitive user experience.

Consistency in header design.
Improving the header design by considering the consistency of sizes and spacing between header elements.

Reducing busy background.
Simplifying the design by reducing unnecessary graphic elements. Improving the contrast between the background and text.

Accessing the video, alternated card slider. Introducing “The Experts” cards, in the form of a slider, alternated with cards representing the platform's benefits, gives the user an idea about the platform
and is presented in a professional manner. The button title "I want to be a member" being too long has been replaced with "Join." Also, capitalization has been dropped for a more relaxed tone of the message.
The video will be accessed through the "Watch Video" button placed next to "Join," thus better balancing the page. Changing the color of the "Join" button to encourage the user to immediately press this button.

Fonts consistency.
The font size and color of the title and subtitle of the hero section have been modified, contributing to a superior visual experience, making the Hero section organized and professional. Thus, the message it tries to convey can be better highlighted. This can increase communication efficiency and improve the ability to attract and retain the attention of the target audience.

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The problem

Their website is having multiple UX issues, inconsistencies, and overall is lacking usability and accessibility.





Mar 2024


Upriserz is the leading subscription-based online education platform for entrepreneurs in Romania. With access to an extensive library of resources crafted through a results-driven methodology, you can quickly
find answers to your questions.

The Solution

To address the numerous UX issues, inconsistencies, and deficiencies in usability and accessibility on their website, a comprehensive approach is necessary. Implementing established UX design principles such as clear navigation, consistent layout, and intuitive interactions will enhance usability. Furthermore, ensuring adherence to accessibility standards such as WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) is essential for inclusivity. Remedying issues like insufficient color contrast, keyboard navigation barriers, and inaccessible content for screen readers is pivotal. Through these concerted efforts, the website has been transformed
into a user-centric platform that prioritizes both usability and accessibility, ultimately enhancing
the overall user experience.

Inefficient access to slider.
To navigate through the cards, the user needs to resort to the arrows or navigation dots located below the slider. This navigation method can affect the user experience with the slider. A large number of navigation dots can create an unpleasant appearance, thus negatively influencing the user experience and potentially conveying an unfavorable message regarding attention to detail or brand quality.

Unattractive card covers.
Some card covers are unattrative, poorly chosen, have different and inconsistent dimensions, do not adhere to subject framing rules, and exhibit inconsistent coloring.

Inappropriate hover effect.
The hover zoom effect is too pronounced, affecting the user experience with the slider.

Introduction of an efficient slider.
The cards succeed each other at a well-calculated speed, so that each title can be read. Moreover, when hovering over a card, the scroll speed of the cards decreases to 0.4x. These improvements increase the efficiency in using the slider..

Correction of card covers.
The covers of the cards have been corrected as follows: color correction has been applied, and their dimensions have been adjusted so that they all have the same size..

Appropriate hover effect.
The zoom effect on hover has been modified to be suitable, thus avoiding excessive zoom that could disrupt the user experience.

MAIN SECTION /the problem & proposed solution.

The price of subscriptions is confusing.
The pricing strategy for subscriptions is confusing. The monthly subscription price
of 8.99 euros does not have an equivalent in terms of the same benefits but with the option of annual billing, and vice versa, the annual subscription of 590 euros does not have an equivalent in terms of the same benefits but with the option of monthly or quarterly billing.

Introduction of the possibility of quarterly billing.
The option of quarterly payment provides the user with more flexibility and ensures a more pleasant user experience. Furthermore, introducing a basic subscription adds even more flexibility. Assuming the user is desired to opt for the annual payment of the Premium subscription despite the other two, we can adjust the benefits of each package so that the cost-benefit ratio is optimal.

SUBSCRIPTION /the problem & proposed solution.