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Users can browse all training paths individually

The core objective of this feature is to provide users with the capability to independently explore and navigate through all available training paths.

Please see the prototype that offers a visual representation of the current flow and the dynamic interaction between  elements.

User Story

As a user, I want the ability to browse training paths one at a time, allowing me to explore the training material, links, and the content within each training path.


Users should have access to an overview of all available training paths.

Each training path, which is stored in the CMS, should be viewable individually, enabling a detailed examination of its content and resources.

Profile - View employees past change requests

As a user, you need access to a comprehensive history of past requests, including approvals, pending requests, and declined requests. For each request, you might want to see who approved or declined it, the decision date, if it was declined, the reason for the rejection.

Please see the prototype that offers a visual representation of the current flow and the dynamic interaction between  elements.

Profile search feature

The employee profile search within a skill matrix platform can help address several pain points commonly experienced by line managers and HR managers, including:

Line Manager pain points:

HR Manager pain points:

Inefficient resource allocation
Line managers often struggle to allocate the right employees with the required skills to specific projects or tasks. The profile search eases this process, ensuring that resources are assigned effectively.

Resource Wastage
HR managers may struggle to allocate resources efficiently, especially in areas where specific skills are required. The profile search ensures optimal resource allocation.

Time-consuming task assignment
Line managers may find it time-consuming to manually match employees to tasks based on their skills. The profile search streamlines task assignment, saving valuable time.

Talent Recruitment Difficulty
HR managers often spend a lot of time and effort identifying candidates with the required skills. The profile search expedites the recruitment process by pinpointing suitable candidates.

Performance management
Assessing and developing team members based on their skills is a common pain point for line managers. The profile search helps managers address skill gaps and foster professional growth.

Talent Retention
Identifying and addressing skill gaps within the organization is essential for talent retention. The profile search provides opportunities for skill development and career progression, contributing to retention efforts.

The introducing a profile search within an employee skill matrix platform empowers line managers and HR managers to make more informed decisions regarding resource allocation, talent development, recruitment, and overall human resource management. It streamlines processes, enhances efficiency, and contributes to the achievement of organizational objectives.

Please see the prototype that offers a visual representation of the current flow and the dynamic interaction between  elements.

View peers profile (including subordinates)

The core objective of this feature is to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly way for managers or team leaders, to access and navigate the profiles of their peers and all the employees they supervise or manage within an organization.

The org chart feature plays a pivotal role in addressing several pain points that managers commonly encounter:

Identifying Skill Gaps: With the org chart in place, the managers can more easily identify skill gaps within different teams and job roles. This information is vital for planning training, recruitment, or skill development initiatives.

Resource Allocation: A clear org chart aids in effective resource allocation by identifying which teams or departments may require additional training or staffing. This allows the designer to allocate resources strategically.

Targeted Training and Development: The org chart helps with development of training and learning programs that are aligned with the skills and competencies required for each role. It ensures that resources are allocated efficiently to address specific skill needs.

Please see the prototype that offers a visual representation of the current flow and the dynamic interaction between  elements.

The concept of the Skill Pyramid

The four layers of the Skill Pyramid explained.

How to create your skill portfolio

Learn how to add Areas of Expertise, Specialisations and Skills to your profile.

Managers approval / decline

Managers and team leads have to approve or decline change requests from their team.

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The problem

Through our research, we have identified several critical issues that need addressing: lack of information about the skills available in organization, failing to match the right people with the right projects, failing to harness the workforce full potential, decreased productivity, project delays, and financial losses.

The solution

A comprehensive solution that enhances resource allocation efficiency is the introduction of a web-based application called the Employee Skill Matrix, which serves as a visual framework for assessing and mapping employee skills and proficiency levels.

Project details



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Oct 2022 - Present

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